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The Town of Lark Harbour


The Lark Harbour Summer Festival raised funds for the development of recreational Trails and was organised by the Multi-Purpose Trails Committee.  It was held in the parking area of the Town Hall and was a successful weekend with good weather.  In the foreground is the Outlander Boat and the giant polar bear of the beer tent.

Moon over Lark Harbour - 2011 November 27

Lark Harbour - General Information

Lark Harbour coordinates     49̊    06ʹ   17.03ʺ N
       (Town Hall)                   58̊    21ʹ   52.08ʺ W       [from Google Earth]

Lark Harbour is a picturesque small town situated on the shores of a sheltered natural harbour at the western end of the Bay of Islands.  The harbour is surrounded by mountains, many of them rising to an elevation of more than 400 metres.  The nearest major town is Corner Brook at a distance of about 50 km (30 miles) to the east by a paved road, Route 450.  The town of York Harbour is situated about 5 km or 3 miles to the south of Lark Harbour.

In the 2006 Census the Town had a population of 565 persons.

Lark Harbour received its name from a vessel of the Royal Navy, HMS Lark.  The squadron of which HMS Lark was a component, was assigned to the region in the mid 1700s and remained more or less continuously down to the end of the French Shore arrangements in 1904.  (See  The French Shore)

Lark Harbour is an incorporated municipality governed by a town council.  There is an Anglican church, a K-12 school, a post office, a part-time medical clinic, a public library, a residence for seniors, a general store, two restaurants, a public lounge, two public wharves, a trucking business and a Canadian Coastguard Station.  The beautiful Blowmedown Provincial Park is located near the community with 25 camping sites and a fully serviced utility building.  The Park is supervised from June to September.

Of interest to visitors are several hiking trails and ATV/snowmobile trails which provide access to the magnificent local scenery of rugged mountains and sea cliffs.

The main local employment is the harvesting of marine species including crab, lobster, herring, mackerel and cod.  (Unfortunately all are transported elsewhere for processing since the fish plant closed in the 1990s.)  Some residents find employment in the school and the local businesses while many others commute daily to Corner Brook.

Click here for a stunning panoramic view of Lark Harbour and its immediate surroundings, courtesy of Google Earth.

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