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The Forgotten Bay - revised edition 2013

A Historical Survey of Lark Harbour and York Harbour

in the Outer Bay of Islands


Updated 2013 November 20

This is my history of the Outer Bay of Islands.  Since I wrote the first version in 1997, I have completed more research and have incorporated it into this revision of the original.  The Chronology is also on line here.  The Bibliography and other notes which accompanied the original version are not yet on line, but will be added as they are revised.

Select the link below to download the PDF file.

The Forgotten Bay - revised 2013 Nov 20 - This file contains 95 pages with illustrations, including some in colour, and is 9.7mb in length.  Please allow sufficient time for the download.

Chronology - List of Main Events in History of Bay of Islands to 2013 - This file is a list of events with dates and downloads quite quickly.

Comments are welcomed.  If you find errors, let me know and I will then do my best to correct them.  Please email me at

More information about the book

Some readers may find the 100 plus footnotes of no interest.  I have tried to make the main text complete on its own, and you can ignore the footnotes if you wish.  They are there to make it easier to check the references, and in some cases they provide more details.  But the main text is sufficient if you want a less detailed account.