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The Forgotten Bay

The Forgotten Bay : a Historical Survey of the Settlement of Lark Harbour and York Harbour

In this history I have attempted to show how and when the first settlements appeared in the Bay, the economic and other activity which took place, some of the personalities involved, and the difficulties they endured.

(1)  You may download the document at this link:

                                                    The Forgotten Bay.pdf

The document is 5.9Mb long, includes maps and pictures and may take some time to download.  If you prefer to read it online, use the link in the next paragraph number (2).

(2)  You may read the document on line at this link:                 

                                                          The Forgotten Bay.

However this is an earlier version and because it is on an archive server it cannot be updated.  It is text only, with no maps or pictures.

The downloadable version will be updated eventually.

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