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Stuart's Newfie Webpage now archived on "oocities"

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Stuart's NewfieWebpage


This is my old webpage which I constructed back in 1996 when the Google Geocities web service was available.  My page contained a variety of information about Newfoundland, especially the Bay of Islands area.  Among that information were some collections of my own pictures, a Chronology of the Bay of Islands, an online copy of my history of the Outer Bay of Islands, called "The Forgotten Bay", and a few other assorted items.

     A few years ago the Geocities service was unfortunately closed down.  However, many of the webpages on it were rescued by another group whose concern was to archive the material which would otherwise have been lost.  My old webpage was one that was lucky enough to be thus preserved.

     I am providing here a link to Stuart's Newfie Webpage on that archived site.  Please be aware that, although some of the links on that site are operative, there are some that will send you to sites you did not request, and others that will not respond at all.  Because Oocities is an archived site, it is not possible for anything to be modified, corrected, or updated at this time.  I am aware that such changes are needed on my old webpage and, should the Oocities server be modified to make updates possible, I would intend to do so.

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