A Website and a Monthly Newsletter about the Outer Bay of Islands, Newfoundland

DISCLAIMER - important

It has been brought to my notice that parts of my Blow-Me-Downer Website, specifically my old (1997 version of The Forgotten Bay, a Historical Survey of the Settlement of Lark Harbour and York Harbour in the Outer Bay of Islands, Newfoundland (July 1997) has been posted on a white supremacist website called “Stormfront”.
This posting has been made without my request and without my permission.  I have contacted those responsible for this action and have asked for my work to be removed immediately from that website.  However I find that my work is still posted there against my wishes.
I have no affiliation with "Stormfront" website nor do I share any of the racist values that may be espoused on that website.  I do not wish to be associated in any way with a website of that nature.

If any readers of my material or any persons searching for it, find themselves directed to the Stormfront website, please leave that site immediately.

Thank you.
Stuart L Harvey

2012 November 04